Do not be upset with your job interview – 10 phrases that you should not say in the application interview

Do not be upset with your job interview – 10 phrases that you should not say in the application interview

A job interview is yours and you are already thinking about what you would like to say and ask in conversation . But have you ever thought about what you should not mention at the first meeting? If you do not want to mess up your conversation, you should keep some statements for yourself under all circumstances. Here is our top ten of the statements and questions that you keep better for yourself:

# 1 I did not feel comfortable in my last job.

Even if you had problems with the last job and ended up terminating with joy, you should be careful. If you’re talking too badly about your past job, recruiters make it difficult to get you into a team and you’re a pessimist. You may mention a few difficulties with past activities, but remain objective and diplomatic – that increases your chances.

# 2 I am the only competent staff.

Yes, we all have something on us. But are we really the best and so irreplaceable? Are there any others who are also competent? Of course, you should emphasize your competences during the interview, but do not exaggerate too much – this is arrogant. Stay at the bottom of the facts, which is more natural and usually gets better.

# 3 Unfortunately, traffic jam.

Whether you are traveling by public transport or by car, you should always have enough time buffers to make sure you are on time for the interview. A delay will be forgiven in the rarest cases, and excuses will only be considered lazy excuses.

# 4 No problem. I can do everything.

Just as you should not express that you are the only right person for the job, you should not pretend that you are suitable for all activities. Take a realistic self-perspective and describe exactly what you have done in the past and where your strengths lie. This is a thousand times better than presenting you as a universal genius.

# 5 When will the first salary increase be?

The salary and possible salary increases may be an important issue and decide whether or not you ultimately accept the job. Nevertheless, when asking for a salary increase, it is taboo. This gives the impression that you are only interested in the money and the activity in itself is only secondary to you.

# 6 I do not know.

This sentence does not like to be heard, because it is evidence of lack of creativity, poor preparation or insufficient courage. Therefore, ask yourself beforehand for answers to possible questions such as “Where do you look in 5 years?” Or “What do you expect from the job?”. If you really have no answer to a question, try to score points with your spontaneity, even one or two short sentences – it does not have to be scientific at the same time – come better than a clumsy “I do not know”.

# 7 How long will this interview last?

Have enough time for the interview. Even if it is often done in an hour or less, you should schedule two hours and not have an important appointment in the calendar immediately afterwards. To push for an early end or to look impatiently at the clock leads at most to the fact that the company will not interest you further.

# 8 When can I expect a promotion?

For a job interview or before you start a new job, you should not expect a promotion immediately. And certainly not ask for it. If you are already in the mood for more responsibility, then you are probably overqualified for the job and look better for other jobs.

# 9 I do not work overtime.

In many cases, you are expected to finish your work, even if it takes longer. Therefore, you should not express at the outset that you are not working overtime. Demonstrate your flexibility and ambition by making it understandable that you will stay longer if necessary.

# 10 Can I get extra vacation?

The question of additional holidays has nothing to look for in the first application interview. If you are looking for a long vacation, you can start your career on the ice and concentrate on the applications and possible new jobs. However, if you already booked holidays already, you should address that already in the discussion. However, additional things should only become a topic after you have been in operation for several months.

Now you know what you best avoid in the application interview.

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