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 Brand new career website for the job market in Middle East's Countries that specifically caters to the needs of Employers and aspiring Jobseekers.

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About Jooobz

Jooobz is a online recruitment service for jobseekers to search jobs and for recruiters to advertise job vacancies in Middle East's countries.

The job search is designed to be simple and user-friendly. We are dedicated to finding you the right job and making your online job search easy.

You can find jobs quickly and easily, based on industry, location or key skills. You can upload your CV or Resume and let the employers searching for a candidate come to you. Why search for jobs when the jobs can find you? 

It isn't just jobseekers who benefit from Jooobz service. Employers looking for highly qualified staff in Middle East's companies can advertise their job vacancies in jooobz simply and cost effectively.

Whatever industry you are in, our job search facility means that your advert will be seen by the people who have the skills and qualifications you need. This can save you time going through job applications.

  • Jooobz has been one of the most innovative and progressive team that helped us find new avenues in our hiring process. Wishing Jooobz team the very best.

    James Watson

    Google Inc
  • I was looking for a job after matriculation due to some personal and domestic issues. I found a job but they did not pay me well. I thought I would never be able to find a good job. Anyhow I took a look at the jobs posted by Jooobz website and it helped to reach the right people as well as a right job. Thanks very much to Jooobz.

    Rick Wilson


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