5 things you should do if you are about to lose your job in Dubai

5 things you should do if you are about to lose your job in Dubai

If getting sacked is one of your worst fears in Dubai, prepare yourself with our tips rather than being caught surprised.

 Dubai is a land of surprises. You can achieve great heights in your career by making the right moves and success stories of expats are a common thread in many conversations. Unfortunately, it is also common to hear about acquaintances falling prey to the downsizing in their companies. There is little you can do if your company decides to reduce its staff strength.

If you have an inkling that you might be one of the employees to be sacked at your organization in the next quarter, it is better to preempt your moves rather than be caught like a deer in the headlights.

Adapt to these things to be ready when the news hits you:


Go through all the credits you owe. Check your credit card bill and pay it off immediately and restrict using it. Did your company make the advance rent payment for your home? Maybe you should calculate how much you owe the company and keep a corpus aside. Is there any money you owe your friends or relatives? Start calculating and paying it off.


After you have been asked to leave, you will be off your employer’s work visa and Dubai immigration rules do not permit residents to stay without a work visa. Do your groundwork on how you can change your visa status from employer to dependent visa if your spouse is working. This will help as you can start the process immediately after your receive the news. If you are on your own, start hunting for a job as you have a limited window before your visa expires.


It might be tempting to try that new food joint around the corner over the weekend or visit the new adventure park in town, but resist these temptations. It is time for you and your partner (if any) to make a list of essential and unnecessary expenses that you can curtail to save up. It will include making lifestyle changes like cooking food at home instead of ordering it, taking public transport, reducing your rounds to the mall, decreasing the number of night outs you go for and so on.


Make a list of utilities you need to pay in the coming months like DEWA, the internet and mobile expense, Salik and parking for your car and keep an amount aside for the next six months. Do you need to drive that car around the city for shorter distances? Or could you rather opt for public transport and save money? Make these choices early on. Sometimes getting a job in Dubai can take a while, so it is recommended that you save up for a 3 to 6 month period.


Instead of being dejected about the fact that you got fired, use your energies to find a new one. Find out what jobs are available for your skill set in Dubai and the salaries that are being offered. You can log on to Buzzon to gauge the market.

Get comfortable with the thought that the company downsized, so that you don’t fumble when you are asked about it in the next interview. Revive connection with your ex-colleagues and other business contacts to send out feelers that you are looking for a new opportunity.

Most importantly, do not stress during these testing times. You can relax with the thought that you are prepared for any changes in the job front. Even if you don’t lose your job, you would emerge stronger with a professional network and the know-how of what the market is paying for your position.

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