10 Good Choices to Answer: What is your Weakness?


Still wondering what is the best way to talk about weaknesses at job interviews? It’s important to tackle this question nicely rather than saying rubbish things so that the hiring manager should not think that you are not the right choice for the job:


Here are the 10 good choices on how to handle such scenario:


1. Turn Positive into Negative

You should answer how weaknesses in you has bring out the best of you in every situation.


2. Discuss Non-Essential Skills

You can discuss some of the other non-essential skills so that it doesn’t leave a negative impact on the interview or your selection chances.


3. Discuss Points that have Gone Better With Time

You can discuss skills or pointers that have improved over the course of time.


4. Answer Honestly or Stay Truthful to Yourself

You can answer the question by saying one or two weaknesses which you would like to improve going forward.


5. Diverting from the Uneasy Situation

You can play safe or be smart enough to divert the attention of the interviewer to some other situations or scenarios if possible.


6. Connecting with Real Time Example or Scenario

You can site a real time example where your weaknesses in the beginning turned into your strengths.


7. Answer that Things will Improve with Time

You can answer that with passage of time you will work on your weaknesses and eliminate them.


8. Pick Weakness that isn’t critical

You can pick up a weakness that isn’t that critical and can be shared with an interviewer.


9. Demonstrate your Patience and Composure

You can answer the weakness question staying cool, calm and composed. It clearly indicates that you can handle tough situations and still come out on top.


10. Answer in a Diplomatic Manner

You can answer weakness related questions in a diplomatic manner. The more you don’t get involved in such questions the better it is for you.


To Sum up Things

An interview is all about testing your personal and professional qualities and see how well you perform when put in tough situations. It is important to stay calm and take things in a positive way.

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